Event - Eli Laslean

Event - Eli Laslean

On June 12, 2017, Eli Laslean celebrated her 25th anniversary since she started her activity as a fashion designer.

How did her story start?

Well, this would have begun in 1991, when Eli Laslean resigned as an economist and began to use the sewing machine that she had in the kitchen.

Her first collection was for children and she presented it in Arad, at “Sala Polivalenta” for a competition where she succeeded. But the real debut in the fashion world was when she got invited to the first fashion exposition in Romania - Modexpo.

Returning to the event, the 25 years of fashion were celebrated at the ELLIS 25 Gala, held at the Le Diplomat Hall of the Athénée Palace Hilton Hotel in Bucharest.

Mihaela Tatu was the host of the event, presenting the most important moments of the anniversary show, from Eli Laslean's retrospective film and the meeting with outstanding personalities of professional life (Mihai Tatulici, Catalina Russeau, Daniela Teodorescu, Alin Galatescu, Dana Demetrian , Speranta Munteanu) to the recital of soprano Irina Iordachescu and fashion show with known figures from the Romanian show business: Monica Davidescu, Adina Halas, Maria Andrei, Irina Deleanu, Pescariu Lecture, Oana Voiculet, Maria Calin, Dorina Vasilashko, Ioana Filimon and Crina Abrudan (she was the bride of the collection).

Gala ELLIS 25 was attended by politicians, businessmen and media, as well as celebrities such as Nico, Bianca Brad, Gianina Corondan, Ana Maria Branza, Camelia Potec, Valeria, Racea, Elise Stan, Ileana Sipoteanu, Nora Seroussi, Cristina Batlan, Laura Olteanu, Florentina Opris, Dorin Negrau, Antonio Passarell.

I managed to capture some pictures with Mihaela Tatu. I can say that she is a lovely, elegant and very stylish lady. I also witnessed a part of the rehearsals and I was able to take some pictures.


Maybe you are wondering how I got to participate.

I have had this unique and wonderful chance thanks to Mirela Vescan, one of the biggest makeup artists in Romania, who has also 25 years of career in the field of makeup. Although on the day of her presentation, Mirela had to celebrate her birthday, she chose to be with her great friend Eli.

I was part of Mirela's makeup team. Initially we went to the makeup school before going to the hotel to take the bags and all the things we needed.


We arrived at 13:00 (1pm) at the hotel and we were starting to do the people’s make-up after 14:00 (2pm). Until then, we took off the table’s coverings so they don't get dirty with makeup and we started taking out our ustensils, foundation, brushes, etc.


I’ve did the makeup of the stylist Maria Andrei, of two wonderful little girls and some models, I helped others where it was the case and I caught the experience of having backstage activities.



Personally, I was worried at first, I was afraid I could make mistakes or that I would not deal with stress, but once I started, all of my negative emotions disappeared. I managed to make sure that the makeup is perfect.

What I was really impressed was that although Mirela had no way of celebrating her birthday, Eli made her a surprise. She stopped all the activity from the backstage to sing "Happy Birthday"  for Mirela and we all served a glass of champagne for her.


(Mirela Vescan in action)

On the whole, I am very glad that I was able to be there and that I managed to get involved in the activity organizations for this event. I want to thank Mirela Vescan for this chance.

 I could also stay until the end of the event, but unfortunately I was too tired. I finished my activity around 21 (9 pm), but I left and soon the event started.

I did not manage to take too many pictures, but I will leave a few.


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