Masterclass Make Up For Ever

Masterclass Make Up For Ever

Last week I noticed an event organized by Sephora in Afi Palace Cotroceni: Master Class Make Up For Ever.

Personally I like the brand so I decided to test a few things because I was curious of how they will look on my skin. I gave them a call by using the event's phone number and I made a schedule for Saturday at 17 (5PM) o'clock.

Anyone could sign up, but you had two options when you called:

1. Choose to test a few products in 15 minutes for free;

2. Choose to make a full face make-up in 30 minutes, but only if you buy at least one product from Make Up For Ever brand at the end.

I arrived Saturday at Sephora at 16:25 ( 4:25 PM) and fortunately the make up artist, Denisa Petreanu, was ready to take me earlier.

Denisa cleared my face and applied two types of primers. One primer for the T zone specifically for couperose, the other one for the rest of the face. Honestly, I haven’t seen the existence of the couperose primer in Sephora stores before, after applying it to one side of the face I noticed a clear difference between the place where it was applied and the one that didn’t have it.

After this step I chose the foundation. I asked to test the HD ones. She introduced me the two HD foundations available for this brand: the stick one and the liquid one. I chose the liquid foundation because I preferred its texture. After applying the foundation, she put on concealer and then she used the ULTRA HD powder.

(1. applying primer; 2. applying foundation)

Considering the color of my hair Denisa wondered if I wanted a colorful makeup. I was delighted with the idea, especially since I like to get out of the "normal" area.

Her colleague, also make-up artist, Tina Nedea, had beautiful eyebrows made with blue. Denisa proposed me to do them the same and I agreed. She used two waterproof pencils, one turquoise and the other blue.

After finishing the eyebrows, Denisa talked with Tina and left her to do the rest of my makeup. I was very excited and I was just waiting to see what would come out given that she likes colors just like me.

Honestly, I can’t remember all the products she used. She used different colour pallets, many waterproof pencils, many eye liners, a white-yellow pearl pigment, lip pencil, lipstick and lipgloss.

The makeup lasted about an hour, more than planned, but the result was worth it. Also, as purchases, I got the ULTRA HD powder which was 163 lei ( aprox 40$) and the 15 ml couperose primer for 68 lei (aprox 16.5 $).

I forgot to mention that once I got there I was told that I will be getting a mini mascara as a bonus for buying a product, and if I will buy two products I will receive a wallet from Make Up For Ever, a mini mascara and a mini lip pencil.

Of course, after paying for the products I also received some samples from Sephora, one with perfume, the other with makeup removing cream and a mini mascara different from the first one, but also from Make Up For Ever.

Below you can see some pictures with the final result.

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