Fashion Show - Catalin Botezatu

Fashion Show - Catalin Botezatu

Last days when I was at Mirela Vescan's make-up school, she announced that Catalin Botezatu, a Romanian fashion designer,  will have a fashion show on Thursday 29.06.2017 and that I can be part of her make-up team. Personally, I was very excited to hear, given the style and look of Catalin's presentations, I knew it was going to be something special.

Before the presentation, on Wednesday, she made a face chart with the make-up look for the show. After seeing the face chart, we practiced it at school on our models. Honestly, I liked it and it didn’t seem hard to do it.

(Make-up at school)

Thursday we went to school around 12 o'clock to prepare our utensils and make sure we didn’t forget anything. After we got ready, we left the school and went to the event.

The event was held by the City Vision Magazine at “Terra Events Hall” in “Bulevardul Lacul Tei 1 bis” and had the theme "The Great Gatsby".

(Invitation for the event)

We arrived at 2:30 pm and waited 30 minutes to decide which will be our working room.

The room was upstairs. When we entered, we repositioned the table, the seats and took out everything we brought with us, arranged them and decided what everyone will do for the beginning. At 4 pm the models came in and we started with cleaning their faces, followed by the hiding of their eyebrows.

My main responsibilities were removing the make-up, putting the make-up base, getting the eyebrows done, putting vaseline, sticking the golden sheet, adding the sequins, retouching.

As you observe the dominant colors were black and gold. For these essential were watercolors, pigments, fatty bases and applications such as eyebrows, golden sheet, sequins.

This time I wasn’t as stressed as I’ve been at the first show, everything was fine and it went smooth.

False eyelashes weren’t missing, Adela Pasc took care of this detail.

Besides clothing and make-up, hair also played an important role. Tourette Laurent has dealt with the hairstyles of the models and so their looks have become complete.

Meanwhile, the models left for a few rehearsals. We took a break and went down to the event hall and witnessed the rehearsals.

Of course, after completing the rehearsals, Catalin came to Mirela and Tourette to get his makeup and hair done.

The backstage was on the ground floor, the entrance was through a door in the big hall. We walked down a narrow corridor to it.

(on our way to the backstage)

Here I managed to capture pictures closely with the models.

I tried to take some photos in the main event room, but there were a lot of people and the pictures were not wonderful.

The show began at 20:30 and ended around 22:00. It didn’t include only Catalin’s fashion show, but also a few singers who delighted us with their music and some other presentations. Catalin's fashion show was divided into two parts: the first was the presentation of men's costumes, followed by a break and the second was the presentation of bathing suits and underwear for men and women. During the break between the two presentations, we glued the golden foil on boys foreheads.

Overall, I liked the event, it was well organized and I had a wonderful experience to put into practice the makeup knowledge I have.

Perhaps there was more to say, but that was the essential.

I hope that you liked the article!~

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