Cosplay Shinoa Hiragi

Cosplay Shinoa Hiragi

My first completed cosplay was for Nijikon 2015. Why did I say completed? Because every time I decide to cosplay for an event, I never get it done or it ends being  incomplete or I change my mind and improvise something.

How did I get to finish this one? Simply, my younger sister, Ioana, really wanted to team up with me. She always kept her plans to the end, so I had to put some effort to don’t disappoint her.

We bought the costumes online and they were made by a tailor with our sizes, we waited 30 days for them to arrive and they got delivered by DHL. We bought the wigs from another site, I honestly don’t remember the site and the lenses we’ve bought them from



Regarding our weapons, mine and my sister’s, I had to do them myself. Initially I abandoned their realization, but my sister was insisting on having them at the event, so during the week with Nijikon, I decided to make them.

I made a list at home of what I have to buy. From what I remember, the essential materials were foam tubes (I consumed a lot of these), cardboard, markers, silicone, paint, glue, newspaper, a mop, scissors, 4 pairs of gloves (I ruined all of them);  after making the list I went to Dedeman and Bricostore to buy them. I bought everything I needed and I took all of my utensils to my office at the company I work at.

I started with analyzing pictures on the internet of the weapons and based on them I made some sketches on A4 sheets. Of course, my cardboard were 1 meter long  and what I wanted wouldn’t fit in so I divided the weapons into pieces, then I started sticking the sheets between them ; after I’ve put foam on the sheets. Fortunately I found some pictures of me working on these cosplay stuff.

The coloring part, I can’t say that it was wonderful, it was a disaster from my point of view. But why did it come out like that? It was Saturday 4 o'clock in the morning, I was supposed to be at Nijikon at 9 o'clock and I had not finished painting yet. I finally managed to color them, disappointing, but better than nothing. I asked my dad to stay with me at the office to leave together after they were finished, he took the following photos of me painting. (I must mention that in my rush I left a mess behind and I decided that next time I will start my work earlier)

Here are some pictures of me and my sister at the event. To be honest, the gloves couldn’t be wore anymore and after Nijikon I threw them away because the paint didn’t dry, and they got ruined by it.

Speaking of cosplay making, I forgot to mention a few things about the characters. Their names are Shinoa Hiragi (she has purple and brown eyes) and Mitsuba Sangu (she has blond hair, more like yellow hair and purple eyes), both are part of the lead characters of the anime “Serph of the end” (Owari no Seraph). My sister and I watched this anime, which we liked a lot. Its story being very interesting, it caught our attention. We decided to interpret Shinoa and Mitsuba because we’ve found some similarities with us in their personality.

(source : "Owari no Seraph" episodes)

Among the things that I bought at Nijikon 2015, I also got the first five manga volumes of "Owari no Seraph" and some stickers.

At my next cosplay I will definitely try to make the costumes as well.

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