Movie “We’re Down at First”

Movie “We’re Down at First”

Looks like we got to the film set of a movie and also to the movie makeup.             

For this I thank Alina Bedeleanu, who trusted me and included me in her professional and wonderful makeup team, where I met talented and passionate people like me and so I had the opportunity to be part of the film's staff, which, I perceived it as a great family.

Since the televisions and some newspapers have written and talked about this movie, I will not go into a lot of details, but I will give you a summary. After I’ll talk about some things I liked, how was it during the filming and some information about the movie makeup.

The movie I'm talking about is called “We’re Down at First” (as in getting off at the next metro station) and is the first long story movie of Tedy Necula (the director and producer of the film). The film is independent, the picture is signed by Alexandru Timosca, and the script belongs to Alexandra Axinte.


(with Tedy Necula)

The action happens in a subway, in the morning after the fire at Colectiv, where more passengers remain stuck between stations and have to spend several hours together.

Among the actors of the film we have easily remarked great Romanian actors such as Bebe Cotimanis, Tudorel Filimon, Adrian Paduraru, Teodora Mares, and many others, Victoria Cocias, Emilian Oprea, Constantin Draganescu, Ela Ionescu, Dan Murzea and Iulia Dumitru.


(with Tedy Necula, Cotimanis and my teammate, Rodica)

During a week before filming, they have built a part of a subway in Tedy's own filming studio, “Filmarie”. The concrete filming began on July 19, 2017 and was from Monday to Saturday, every day starting 7 AM and finishing according to the schedule of each day. The filming ended on August 2, 2017, at about 4 AM at the "Grivita" station.

(example of a day's filming schedule)

I can say the atmosphere on the set was absolutely brilliant. As mentioned above, the team was like a family, they were all friendly, caring about each other. I met a lot of people, of course, I also got new friends. Regarding the organization, each day had a well-planned schedule, we all did our best daily and ensure that each one did his job. Of course, besides our hard work and effort, we also had fun, so we were all well-willing and energetic all the time (at least in my case).

Here are some photos taken at the studio.

Personally I really enjoyed the posters and the sticky notes at the entrance to the studio’s subway. Every day there was a new message and whenever we were getting in the subway, it was impossible not to read one of the messages and get a smile on your face.

“Don’t close your phones if you want to get in trouble.”

“We recommend you* daily**  2L of liquids***; * it’s a must, **besides Sundays when you do whatever you want; *** must be colorless so beer doesn’t count”

“Chuck Norris wanted to play in our movie, but he never gets down at first and first always gets down at him. Tedy didn’t agree with it”

“Carlos Santana has “Maria Maria”, we’re twice better than Santana”

“The travelers are asked not to talk to the film director”

Inspire deep before entering

Place to hit with your head”

“In our film team:  Women are great.  Men do their best and Lucian does what he can. ”

“All shooting days are very hard except for today”

“Last day of subway, last night at the subway station”

“The most beautiful day of Tuesday”

"Drink me"

Now let's get to the makeup for the movie.

First of all, besides the “ordinary” makeup (every day, evening, occasion, etc.), you need to be aware of special effects such as bruises, scars, aging techniques and more. These skills are very important because when you have to make a character's makeup, it will not necessarily need a beauty make-up, because you have to take care of the events in which it participates, action, place, time and many other factors. An example in this movie is the child that had to look sick. Another example is a character that had to be much more aged than the actress and in this case besides the basic makeup, we applied an aging technique of her face.

Secondly, when it comes to makeup for the movie surely there must be file fittings. What are these? These are the files where you write all the products and their way of applying to each character. Why are they needed? Because the action of any movie is not recorded all in one day, but the makeup of the characters must be identical in order not to notice this aspect.

In the case of the movie “We’re Down at First” all the action happens in the subway, so the characters do not change their place and remain there until the end of the events, which means they have to look the same as in the previous shooting days.

Most products we used were professional HD products from MakeUpForEver, but we also had products from UrbanDecay, Bourjoi, Sephora.

As I said the last day of filming was at the subway station “Grivita” and here are some pictures.

(with Cotimanis and Tudorel Filimon)

(with Alina Samara and Alina Bedeleanu)

I don’t know when will the movie be released, but honestly I can’t wait to see it.

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