Forever21 in SunPlaza Mall

Forever21 in SunPlaza Mall

In the previous post I mentioned the expansion of the SunPlaza mall and the opening of new stores. So another brand opened a store on Saturday, September 30, 2017, in SunPlaza Mall, and this is Forever21.

Since I was in the area at the opening of NyxCosmetics, after I left, I headed for this one’s inauguration and I can say that there were just as many people and they also had various promotions and surprises for customers.

Of course, I went into the store, I looked at some stuff, but I only tried shoes and some accessories because in order to try clothes, you had to wait a lot of time to get to the dressing room. I avoided waiting and I will definitely return in another day.

But even if I didn’t try the clothes I liked, I fell for the pair of boots and I decided to buy them.

Have fun shopping!~

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