My 2017 Halloween Look

My 2017 Halloween Look

This year, I decided to create an original "image" of a well-know "character”  from Japan, "geisha".

Essential in the makeup of a classic geisha are the following elements: almost white skin (not clown white that's why I said "almost" white); small, rounded and red lips; accentuated eyes with an "easy" eyeliner.

That was also my base from which I started, so I kept these elements but I reinterpreted everything in my own style and I added my own originality.

Until the final makeup I will tell you the stages I've been through:

1. Establish the theme;

2. Making an image of assembly;

3. Find clothing and hairstyle to complete the look;

4. Starting with the prosthetics mask;

5. Completing the prosthetics project;

6. Putting all the elements together and finishing  the look.

About my outfit I’ve been helped by my friend, Laura Caraman, who is a kimono designer. She also helped me with the hairstyling, but about dressing the kimono and making hair I will talk more in the next article.

(with Laura Caraman)

For prosthetics, I didn’t want the mask to fully cover my face and I decided to make it from two different parts. Also, besides all the steps I have gone through until I reached the latex side and finished it, I decided that these two masks would be as metallic as possible. So I wanted my look to lead to a more or less "robotic" or "metallized" geisha as I said.

The elements that gave it life from my point of view are: the gold and silver screws, the plastic pieces that I bought from the screw shelf, but honestly I do not know what their name is, golden glitter, golden and white balls, letters A, H, Q, M that I spread on the mask and I also wrote AHQM with them on one of the masks’ parts. Of course, I coloured the mask before coming with the silicone gun to stick my applications.







The rest depended on my makeup. For this I started with:

1. Making the white skin;

2. Shaping the eyebrow that’s uncovered;

3. Making the eyeliner;

4. Applying mascara;

5. Finishing my lips. (I've left them at the end and I didn't get to take any photos while getting them done)

Of course I wasn’t paying attention and I got my hair white too, so I came over with some blue eyeshadow.

After the makeup I came with the prosthetics masks followed by clothing and hairstyling. 


And that's how I've put together every element and the final picture was exactly what I imagined and wanted.

I hope you liked it too, I was very excited of how everything turned out to be in the end.


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