Benefit : FoolProof Brow Powder

Benefit : FoolProof Brow Powder

Last days I purchased Sephora's latest brow product from Benefit, FoolProof Brow Powder. I must mention that I haven’t used it before, and it was the first time I tried it.

I chose no.3 because I thought that the shades of this powder were the right ones to create natural, contoured brows.

The packaging of Benefit’s products is usually interesting by coloring, drawings. This powder comes in a nice purple box on which is a comics drawing.

Inside the box is the product and a small flyer with a few tips and tricks.

Inside the powder is placed in the shape of a brow, it is in two colors, one lighter and another one darker. Also, inside the powder there is a brush with two heads: one is for applying the product and the other one is for brushing the brow’s hair.

Before I started making my brows, I applied the makeup base (foundation, corrector, powder). Below you can see some pictures while I was making them and the result.

To be honest it's easy to use, it fills the brows really nice and it didn't take too much time to get them done. I did like the result and now it's my new favorite brow product.


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