Japanese Designer, Nobuaki Tomita in Romania

Japanese Designer, Nobuaki Tomita in Romania

If you follow me on my Instagram page, you've seen that I recently took part in an event with a Japanese kimono designer, Tomita Nobuaki.

I will talk in more detail about my role in organizing the event, who is this designer (if you do not already know it) and how the whole event has been.

I'm going to start with introducing Nobuaki Tomita, who is a well-known kimono designer in Japan, but also outside of Japan as well. Nobuaki Tomita has made more than 2000 costumes for various actors for both Japanese and international films and series. Its kimonos have been remarked by the multitude of prints that render famous world sceneries, some kimonos are recognized by the smell and composition of each of green tea, chocolate, strawberries, etc., and he also dares to make various fabric combinations and raw materials. Thus, each kimono becomes unique.

Nobuaki Tomita promoted internationally the kimono tradition, and his creations were presented at several major events in the US, China, Italy, Germany, etc.

The presentation in Romania took place at the "Japanese Culture Month" on November 2 at the Romanian-American University  and he set up the "Paris kimono collection". On the grand podium many splendid kimonos were shown, some were mentioned above (with various smells, textures, prints) and some worth more than one hundred thousand dollars.

Besides famous kimonos, he made us a surprise and made a special kimono for Romania, which of course he called it "Romania". The story behind it is quite interesting. The person chosen by the designer to wear this wonderful kimono was my sister, Rabab, who was really excited to wear the special kimono. And now I'm going to tell you why the story of making this kimono seems to me interesting. At the end of the parade, she was the last one to come on stage, and at the end of it, she made a jump position. Both the position and the kimono are based on a legend in which a girl jumps off a bridge. But what is the connection between the jump and the kimono with Romania? Nobuaki Tomita explained that his arrival in Romania was briefly announced and everything was done in a hurry and it seemed like jumping from a bridge like a girl from a Japanese legend did and not knowing that the event would be a successful one, and that it be put in order in such a short time, in a foreign country and with a small team.

(the Romania Kimono)

And now that I have come to the " little" team I will present it to you. It was made up of the following people:

1. Nobuaki Tomita and his assistants Ms. Yoshie Igawa and Mrs. Papino

2. The CSRJ team:

-Serban Georgescu (organizer);

- Laura Caraman and Cristiana (hairstylists)

- Al Harake Queen Maria (make-up artist)

- Chinatsu Sensei (Japanese teacher and translator)

But besides our main roles we have also been involved in various organizational activities.

Until the event, we had a full week of training. In this week I met the designer, determined who will wear each kimono, the details of makeup and hairstyles, the program of the event and a series of rehearsals for preparing the parade.

(few photos from the last day of rehearsals)

The makeup I made for the girls was the following: application of the makeup base ( foundation, corrector, powder); little lip gloss; illuminating the entire nose, including its lateral sides; a pink blush on the cheekbones climbing toward the eyebrows; mascara; and at eyebrows only to make them a form, but somehow diffused . I must mention that this type of makeup was a show makeup based on the designer's requirements.

At the end of the parade I was introduced as an organizer and make-up artist, so I got on the stage together with the models and the rest of the team.

The ending of the parade was realized with the help of some kimono obi, which we have put together on the stage and formed the map of Japan.


Check out the next blog post to see how the kimono parade have been.

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