DarkS by Mary

DarkS by Mary

My first collection of clothes for the site darks.ro.

As the title says today I will discuss my first collection for darks.ro and also what’s with darks.ro if you don’t  know already.

I was always passionate about the alternative style, gothic, lolita, but also comics and anime. By October 2012 I found out that what I wanted as clothing and at the same time as style I could not find at all.

Of course, then I came up with the "brilliant" idea of ​​proposing to the family to help me realize my dream: opening up my own clothes store. They thought well, they looked at the situation, made plans together, put some stuff up and decided in January 2013 to start the business. Thus, in 2013, Dark Shadows was founded, hence the name of the DarkS site. The names were chosen by me, both for the company and for the site, but they have nothing to do with the Dark Shadows movie (I had chosen the names before they approved my idea and before I knew there was a movie with that name). There have been many steps taken, I have come into contact with the brands on these styles, we have signed contracts, and for many of them we have exclusivity in Romania. We’ve accomplished  a lot of stuff in a short time.

In 2014 I had my first presentation at the 2014 Otaku festival. I remember that it was quite difficult at first when the organizers proposed it, they liked our products and they told us that it would be great to  include in program a presentation with our store’s clothes. But we had a wonderful team and we managed to put it together, and on stage everything went out as expected. One problem we had the photos of the organizers did not reach us, they had a technical problem, and all the pictures were gone. But I do have some, but not with everyone:

Further on, the site has been remarked at various events such as East European Comic-Con, Nijikon, Otaku, Asia Fest, etc., but also in the online environment.

Over time, our team has expanded, and in 2016 I decided to make a small collection for Comic-Con that I called "DarkS by Mary". Until the final products, I followed some steps: I was passionate about fashion design (later I followed a year at UNARTE Bucharest, Clothing Design section) so I made my own sketches, I decided what materials to use, I searched for them , and then we talked to a pattern planner, so I spent a few days in the workshop until I got the products the way I wanted them (to be honest I’ve wasted some fabric during the process) after making the first piece for each product (the first piece was the model), the workshop team handled the series production.




(these aren't all, but those are the last pictures I've got with them)

Honestly, I was very pleased with how the whole collection came out and the reaction of the public that visited us during the event.

But nothing of everything that has happened from the beginning to the present would have been possible without the wonderful support of my family, which I thank them for trusting and always supporting me and also to the great team darks.ro.


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