Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I kept buying Jeffree Star makeup products directly from his site. But I have not done any review so far and I thought it was time.

I will begin with the steps of placing the order until it gets to Romania. (I don’t know about the other countries, might be the same, but I can’t guarantee, some things may differ like taxes)

You can place the order directly on the site, he also works with other beauty sites, but I prefer placing my orders directly on his site. (Watch out there are sites that sell fakes, check before buying from the site you've found)

Back to my order, I will refer to a recent one. I started with choosing the products.

I purchased:

-“Beauty Killer” Palette (45 $);

-Two highlighters  "Princess Cut" ($ 29), "Siberian Gold"($ 29);

-Velour Liquid Lipstick "Pussy Wipped" (18 $).

Besides the cost of the products there is a transport cost of $ 10, you select it and after  you make the payment, which can be done only online (so far I have used paypal, but also the card directly on his website). Delivery time to Romania can take up to 2 months (as it was with me), but that's not all. Let's not forget that this order does not come from an EU country, so when the order arrives in Romania, "unexpected" taxes, customs duties, appear. Of course, since I keep placing orders outside the EU, I knew about it, but many people may not expect them and I want to mention that this is happening with any outside EU package, not just Jeffree.

For this order, for example, I paid for customs around $ 25- $ 30 when it got in Romania. You are notified by the post office of this charge by a letter with all the details of how you pay the fee, and then you will be notified when you can pick up the package from the post.

Now let's talk about the order. All products were put in their own pink box, packed very cute. Honestly, even if it took a long time to arrive, it was worth the wait. Jeffree’s products are generally very pigmented and the colors are absolutely gorgeous.


I will start with the palette where it seems that I had the bad luck to find it with one of the colors "a little" cracked and so the broken color got the palette dirty and the rest of the colors. What did I do in this case? I used some tissues for the palette and for the colors I "cleaned" by them using a fan brush. So after it looked like new, except I couldn’t recover that piece of product. After opening the palette it’s best to be used in 12 months.

(I have used the palette for the eye's makeup)

Highlighters are by far my favorites, I have another one besides these two and I can say they are absolutely amazing, they are super pigmented and the good part is that they come in quite large amount and they have 24 months from opening.

(I've used a bit of "Princess Cut" highlighter)

And the last product is a Velour Liquid Lipstick, "Pussy Wipped", which is a golden shade. This lipstick holds up to 12 hours (I tested it, even if I eat or drink juices, coffee, etc. it stays almost intact).


I hope you liked the article! ~



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