Hairstyle by Trofaniuc Liuba

Hairstyle by Trofaniuc Liuba

After I made my hair blue again at the salon, I met Mrs. Trofaniuc Liuba, russian hairstylist, specialized in events hairstyles.

Yesterday, January 20, 2018, I paid a visit to her salon, where I she made me two beautiful hairstyles. The first one took 2 hours to finish and the second one an hour. But in this post I will only write about the first one.

She started by straightening my hair, tapping it and preparing it for what it was going to be. Then everything kept on by what Mrs. Liuba had intended to do, a pretty detailed hairstyle, to which she worked with great care and precision.

To be honest the two hours passed quite quickly, I did not even notice when the time went by since I was fascinated by the stages of the hairstyle until the end of it.

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