Sephora Spring 2018 News

Sephora Spring 2018 News

I didn’t get into too many details on Instagram about  Sephora's new products for Spring 2018 just so I could write a detailed article on the blog.

I must say that these aren't all of the new products but just some of them. 

Korean products:

I'm going to start with the TonyMoly products since I have been using them for the past months, especially face masks, from the "I'm real" masks, so far I've bought and tried the avocados and aloe ones. I have sensitive skin and it gets dehydrated pretty quickly, and the avocado and aloe versions are best suited as they hydrate well and offer a smooth texture to the skin. Also, from TonyMoly I tried "Jelly" masks, those with chamomile, for dehydrated skin and those with grapes for skin elasticity.

How do we pick a mask? For example, in my case when I'm buying a mask I think first of what I want from the mask: moisture, brightness, elasticity,help with the pores, etc. In my opinion, we should not buy a mask that does 5 things, but rather get them separately. Why? Because the result will be totally different. If I apply every mask for what it was designed for, I expect it to meet its "purpose", but if it were one with many uses it could do some well, and the rest not.

The masks I've been telling you are for some time at Sephora, but I wanted to tell you a few things about them because they brought two new types:

1. From TonyMoly's "I'm real" line, they brought a mask of pearls for brightness.

2. They also brought a new Korean brand "The OOZOO" with some moisturizing water-based masks, which have a very cute wrap with a bear on the front.

(left: TonyMoly Pearl Mask; right: OOZOO Mask)

They also have another new Korean brand at Sephora,  "Belif".  Below I have a moisturizing face cream from it, which has a water-based formula.


Returning to the TonyMoly brand, another new product  from them is "Tako Pore Bubble Pore Pack", a product that comes in an orange box and has a form of a black octopus. It is special for cleaning sebum from pores and is also used as a mask, after washing your face with water, dry it, apply the mask for 3-5 minutes and then come in with water to remove it.

And the latest Korean product I have from the spring news is from the SKINFOOD brand, "Tomato Soup Sleeping Pack". As the name says, it has a tomato based formula for face toning and it’s designed for night applying.

Sephora Collection products:

Here we are talking about a range of products, makeup, but also personal care.

I have a variant of almost every new product.

I'll start with the ones for personal care:

1. Almond Hand Cream (there’s also with roses, goji, coconut, oranges);

2. Honey scrub with honey;

3. Green tea shampoo applied to dry hair (also found with coconut version);

4. Rose hydrating mist;


5. An exfoliating sponge (is quite popular in Korea).

Here are the Sephora make-up products:

1. Silicone sponge (I can’t wait to try this one, it is specially designed to avoid product waste at the time of application);

2. Beauty Mini Blenders for a more precise application can be put on your fingers for extra help.

3. Makeup Base / Primer Smooth & Mattify;

4. Glow Perfection Foundation;

5. Cheek & Lip Tint, is a liquid product for cheeks and lips, which is applied with its brush and blended with your finger.

6. Volume mascara, "Outrageous extension";

7. The "Miniature" palette has 3 variants: "Nugget" (the one I have), "Donut" and "Cookie";

8. Waterproof pencil, "white snow";

9. Shimmering Powder has 2 shades: "Natural Glow" (the one I have) and "Delicate Glow";

10. LipStories Lipstick comes in 30 shades, with various prints on each of them. I have the "No Cell Service" one, it's a golden metallic shade.

11. Biphasic cleanser for eyes and lips;

12. Solid Brush Cleanser, for cleaning brushes.

And the last product I'm going to talk about and definitely my favorite is the Chocolate Gold palette from the TooFaced brand.

Until now, from the TooFaced Chocolate Bars, I have purchased the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar (which was also my first palette from this brand somewhere in the 10th grade), and the Chocolate Bar Bon Bons (which has heart-shaped eyeshadows). I must say that I love these Chocolate TooFaced paletts, first of all for the smell of chocolate and the cute packaging, but secondly for the pigment of each color and their quality.

Coming back to the new Chocolate Bar from TooFaced, Chocolate Gold, which I haven’t  tried yet, it’s one of the products from the latest collection of this brand. In addition to the palette, there are still a few products of the same collection: a melted gold lipstick, a gold glitter, a gold bronzer, a new illuminator and glitter eyeliners (which I can’t wait to see them soon at Sephora).

I hope you liked the article, I will come back with some reviews soon! ~

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