Benefit Cosmetics - Bad Gal Bang

Benefit Cosmetics - Bad Gal Bang

If you are following me on Instagram, you must have seen that I received a mysterious, brandless mascara at the beginning of February.


Later, the launch of the newest product from Benefit followed, and so we all learned that this mascara belonged to this brand. Honestly I guessed from the beginning that it could be the Benefit brand because the theme with which they announced their new product was space, and the flyer that came along with the nameless mascara had a space background.

After discovering the owner, let’s talk about the product.  The mascara’s name is "Bad Gal Bang".


But why did they choose the space theme and insisted that it’s "out of this world"? The explanation is the following:  this mascara contains "aeroparticles", and the aeroparticle is defined as one of the lightest materials from space technology.

What is the difference between this mascara and others? It is said that it stays up to 36 hours after application, for now I have not tested this yet and I do not think I will do it because I would not be 36 hours awake wearing a mascara and I would never sleep with makeup. But I had a few days when I wore it for up to 12 hours and I can say that after so many hours it looked as good as after application.

What I liked most about this mascara, except that it has a fairly long duration after application, is the look that it offers to the eyelashes: super volume, guaranteed lengthened and a lift of the lashes.

And let’s not forget about the packaging, as you know I have a problem with packaging, sometimes I buy products for their exterior appearance. And the packaging of this mascara seems very creative, starting from the chromatic, letter’s font to the brush and outer packaging.


I hope that you enjoyed reading this article!

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