Vintage Doll by AHQMaria

Vintage Doll by AHQMaria

As you know, I’ve got in top 20 at NyxFaceAwardsRomania 2018, and the theme for this stage was "Vintage Doll".

I worked for two weeks to make the make-up that I thought of, I reinterpreted the theme in my own way so I’d find myself in the character I’ve imagined.

Papusa Alice (MariaDark) foto- Valentin

I decided that the doll I’ll make will be in gothic-lolita style, of course I also introduced some influences of Victorian style in its realization, and the setting in which I  filmed was on the same theme, each object in the room having at least 40 old age.

Why did it take so long to make the makeup? Due to the prosthetic parts, that took me a lot of time for their preparation, the realization and the waiting of drying of each part then painting. Besides these, I have a sense of perfection, although I didn’t get to make them at the level I wanted because it would have involved more time that I didn’t have, still I am quite pleased with how everything ended up to look.

And in the video though it seems that everything is going pretty well I must say honestly that I filmed for hours until it all went out as I wanted.


Here’s the final video with my entry:

Original Vintage Doll interpretation concept & MUA: Al Harake Queen Maria;

Outfit and wig:; Hat: Scoala De Machiaj Prostetic;

Puppeteer MUA by Scoala De Machiaj Prostetic, makeup artists:

-Andreea Fagurel;

 -Alina Bedeleanu;

 -Cristina Kalara.

Puppeteer: Cernatean Andrei; Story Video:

-Valentin Razvan;

-Marius Miscoci.

Story music: Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima

Last day tutorial video: Al Harake Rabab Ioana;

Tutorial music: Suna No Oshiro (instrumental) by Kanon Wakeshima

Hope you enjoyed the video!

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