Tutus and “Bravo ai stil”

Tutus and “Bravo ai stil”

“Bravo ai stil” ( a Romanian fashion tv show that translates as “Good job, you’ve got style)

Every Saturday they have a special Gala for this show with a selected theme by the jury, this Gala’s theme was Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Now I can say that I’ve did this too, I danced at “Bravo ai Stil” with Silvia.

I haven’t danced before at any other show, I don’t even know how to dance at parties.

When Silvia asked me if I wanted to come with her at the Rock 'n' Roll gala, I was a bit confused about the question, although the first thing I thought was that I could do something, fail and look funny at tv, I said that there wouldn’t  be anything worse than that, and I decided to do it.

Silvia came with this idea because she knows the clothing store I’m taking care of, darks.ro, matches the theme since the products styles are rock, gothic, lolita, rockabilly, punk, etc and so we thought to dress the girls that will be in the moment with clothes from there.

So I decided that everyone would wear a medium tutu, everyone with a different color or non-color (since black and white aren’t colors) from the HellBunny brand with a comics t-shirt to move as lightly as possible and be in theme.


(an image from darks.ro Showroom)

How did we all look after we dressed with the darks.ro products? Simple, as a professional team ready to perform.  Even so I still didn’t know how to dance, but Cristi Geaman helped us with the choreography.



Besides this, as I am a "wonderful" sister, I wanted to have Rabab at the moment with me, and although it was hard to convince her to accompany me, I finally managed to make her change her mind.

Besides the girls' clothes, I also dealt with the props of the moment, a jukebox, the music box that was used in the past to listen to music.

How did I do it?

From two cardboard boxes painted with a lot of aqua colors, I applied three layers of aqua colors for each side to change the initial color after  with a lot of patience and attention I made the front part then by using a silicone gun I’ve glued everything. I can say that it took a while to finish it, I was done with it at 4:30 in the morning.


And the final result:

About my make up  I decided to have a very contoured  look, more than I would have had on a normal day, with a lot of glitter on my eyes, a black eyeliner and a red lipstick. I’ve added more glitter right before our moment.


What are my conclusions of the gala and everything I've done? I would repeat the experience anytime and honestly although it was quite tiring I had fun and I felt great. I really enjoyed listening to the jury's appreciation, and especially by the fact that everything went great.


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