Top 6 - My Summer Essentials

Top 6 - My Summer Essentials

Since I'm having some holiday thoughts I will talk about some products that I consider essential during the summer, of course there should be more to mention, but for the moment here's a main top 6 made by me.

1. Waterproof Mascara;

If you want to always have your lashes visible and resistant as much as possible, you will need one.

 I've been using the TooFaced "Better than sex" for more than 3 years, both waterproof and original formula, and it never disappointed me, but in summer I recommend the waterproof one.

2. Products with sun protection;

Why is solar protection important? Because the sun damages our skin during exposure to it, it can age our skin more quickly and can even lead to skin cancer. In other words, you must wear sun protection during the summer.

Although most sunscreen creams feel pretty "heavy" or at least the ones I’ve tried so far I didn’t like them too much, but those from t"Supergoop!" brand are actually really great, they have products with 50 SPF , and I have already tested and they feel really light and nice on the skin. Their products can be found in Sephora, and the biggest novelty is that they also have a makeup fixing spray with 50 SPF. How cool is that? I’m telling you, super cool!

3. A lip balm;

To keep your hydrated lips all the time you need one.

As a good lip balm I recommend you Lanolips brand, they are absolutely brilliant because they are very moisturizing. I currently use the coconut.

4. Lipgloss;

If you want to show your lips in the sunlight and have a wet-nice look, but still keep it natural I recommend a transparent one like MAC  "lipglass lip gloss" or a light peach as I have it from MakeUpForEver "plexi gloss artist" or from the new collection of lipglosses from Nyx "cocktail party".

5. Illuminator/highlighter;

You will need one for extra brightness to highlight some features and give somewhat the illusion of a wet-look.

The Illuminators I like to use are:

-KatVonD Alchemist Holographic Palette;

-Jeffree Star "Princess Cut" and "Siberian Gold";

-Palette from Nyx Cosmetics "Born to Glow";



(the first one is the highlighter)

6. Products for nourishing and protective hair against the sun.

We shouldn’t forget about our hair, as the skin can be very affected by the sun so does our hair and you need to keep it in mind.

If you do not find any special products that’s written on them “sun protection” or something like that, you can use nourishing products or ones that help you with repairing it.

(Unfortunately, I can’t give you an example at 6 because I have colored hair and I use a special shampoo that eliminates the yellow effect and keeps my color, and this is not for the summer days.)

~ A small footnote to point out that this is not a sponsored article, my opinion is strictly mine and it’s the same as in all the articles I have written so far and I did not put the footnote because I considered that it was not necessary, but it seems that for some of  you it is important to mention this. I have to add that the products are the ones I have been using for some time and I do like them, so I recommended them and they are like a  guidance to help you with concrete examples, but you can replace them with some similar ones. ~ 

Hope you enjoyed the article!~

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