KVD - "24HR Super Brow"

After finishing my university exams, I’m returning with fresh force and a new article. What am I gonna talk about in this one? I think you've already figured out from the title, but I'll take it with the beginning.

Recently I finally got to Sephora to see the eyebrow news from KatVonD, more exactly, the latest product of her brand "24 HR Super Brow".

Why did KatVonD launch this product and what is different from other eyebrow products? I'll tell you right away.

In principle, Kat wanted a waterproof, pigmented  product that reflects her artistic side. As she considered there was no product to meet her requirements, she decided to "create" it herself and so "24 HR Super Brow" appeared.

The difference between "SuperBrow" and other eyebrows products  is that besides the "ordinary" colors, the natural ones, it also has colorful shades, and in the collection she also included the non-color "white" which in combination with another color, it lights it.

The colorful shades are: purple ("Roxy Purple"), red ("Scarlet"), fucsia ("Magenta"), blue ("Satellite Blue"), yellow ("Daffodil")  plus, it also includes a suitable color for red haired people, "Aubergine".

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to ever be able to find an eyebrow product that fits my blue hair shade. I've always tried combining various pencils, make-up palettes shades, etc. to get colorful eyebrows, but now it's no longer the case. The blue, “Satellite Blue”, from the”24 HR SuperBrow”  is exactly the ideal shade for me and I've worn it a few times. I can tell you it's really pretty pigmented.

"Satellite blue"

(covered with foundation)

(covered with concealer)

I have very dark eyebrows and before applying the product I cover them with  foundation or concealer over which I come with powder, and then I apply "Super Brow" . I’m following all these stepts to make sure that the color is really visible despite of my natural dark colored brows color.

Regarding the fact that the product is waterproof, honestly after testing it, I’ve noticed that even during make-up removing,  the pigment doesn’t leave easily, although I used a biphasic cleanser, I had to apply several times before I removed all the product.

So if you're looking for colorful eyebrows, KVD's "24HR Super Brow" is the solution. (Of course, the natural shades have the same characteristics as the colored ones, waterproof and pigmented, but my attention went on the "bold" ones to say so.)

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