Dior Backstage

Dior Backstage

Few days ago I got a package from Sephora with a few products from the new collection from Dior, Dior Backstage.

What is it with this collection and why was it called "backstage"? Well, I will leave you below the explanation of her creator.

This is how Peter Philips describes his beauty collection “Dior Backstage is a collection that draws its inspiration from my work backstage. It includes all my essentials — professional, adjustable formulas — in neutral shades, in a range that works with every skin tone.”

Personally, the first product that got my attention when I opened the package was the "Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation" that says it’s waterproof. This aspect immediately led me to the fact that I could use it without applying any fixing powder on it.

After I looked at the rest of the products, I decided to test them directly in front of the camera and completely make a full make up using these only.

The result?                                                          

You can see it yourself.

What I liked the most is that my skin is really dry, and yet after applying foundation I got a super-glowing face without any aspect of dehydration. Another aspect that I liked was the fact that the foundation resisted pretty well without applying the fixation powder so I was right that I can wear it without any powder.

Besides the foundation, the palettes for eyes, glow, brows or lips are no less.


The eye makeup palette comes with a primer that I haven’t  found in any other palette so far, you usually buy it separately. So I applied the primer directly from the palette and then came with the two eyeshadow colors.

The glow palette conquered me, both on the camera and in reality, the glow could be seen so well.

As for the eyebrows palette, I generally don’t use powder products on the eyebrows, although I did not know exactly which color to try I went straight to the darkest and I was quite pleased. It covered my gaps, the color was the one for me and I got a decent shape in a very short time.

For the lip palette I thought of making a video swatch to show you all the colors. Below you have the clip. (PS: my favorites are the first and last)


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