Byblos City and Byblos Harbour

Byblos City and Byblos Harbour

Byblos is a city in Lebanon with an opening at the Mediterranean sea, and for its inhabitants its name is often seen as "Jbeil". The name Byblos is of Greek origin. And the city is one of the oldest in the world that has been inhabited continuously since the Neolithic period. It is also included in the patrimony of UNESCO.

The Byblos town is about 40 km from where I live in Beirut and since it seemed pretty close I decided to go on a trip there. It took us around an hour, and a few days later we paid it another visit.

But the first time we went to Byblos we didn't know how hot it could be there, and for the humidity in the air and the temperature in Byblos I can say that I didn’t  make the right choice in terms of clothes and hair, because of the humidity in the air my hair got messed up immediately, since it’s sort of wavy. But if I neglect these aspects, I can say that we were pretty surprised by the city and that we felt very good.

What exactly did I do in the first trip here?

For the first visit:

- we took the city the whole city by foot;

- we stood by the old harbor;

- we visited a few rooms with historical objects and various fossils of fish;

- of course we went through souvenir shops as well, where I’ve got some fridge magnets.

Further we took a break to eat and sat at the Feniqia Restaurant. There I ate Lebanese food served in a slightly different style, but I will tell you about it in the following article.

After we finished our meal, we decided to visit the Byblos Castle and the ruins, but until we got up from the table, access closed. Apparently it seems like it’s closing at 18 o'clock.

Meanwhile, we went back to the port area, where we parked the car. Here we took some pictures, we stayed for a while to relax and after we went back home.

#staytuned new articles regarding my trip to Lebanon are coming on my blog~

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