Benefit Roller Liner

Benefit Roller Liner

As you have seen on my instagram, last week I’ve been at the laughing party for the newest Benefit Cosmetics product, Roller Liner.

The launch was held in a really cute cafe, Matcha Bar Bucharest, which I can say it was perfect for this brand. Everything was looking adorable, starting from the pink - green color to decoration and food.

Returning to the product, Roller Liner, is a matt liner available in two variants, black and brown. The product promises a resistance up to 24 hours and is waterproof.

Personally I tested it and I can say that it is very easy to use,I immediately draw the line with it, and it dries fast, so it never transferred to the top of the eyelid. For the resistance up to 24 hours, I did not check it, but I can say that after 9 hours of wear it was looking exactly the same as when I’ve applied it.

Besides this product they also launched the Roller Eye Bright Pencil, which is a creamy white-colored pencil for highlighting.

And to see some differences compared to other eyeliners that I like, I've been thinking about making a comparison between one of my favorite eyeliners at the moment and this one.

Fenty Beauty FlyLiner vs Benefit Roller Liner


-both dry quickly;

- both last well many hours after application;

-the intensity of the black is the same;

-are easy to use.


- The Benefit one has a much more matt finish than the one from Fenty;

-Roller Liner's applicator is more rigid, FlyLiner’s applicator is completely flexible.

Two looks where I've included the new products from Benefit.

 (Roller liner brown)

 (Roller liner black + Roller Eye bright pencil)


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