Thank you for choosing to visit my page.

I'll make a little summary to get you an idea of ​​who I am and what will be discussed in my blog. During the postings you will come to know me in more detail and hope to get along well.


My name is Al Harake Queen Maria (yes, Queen is really my name), I live in Bucharest, Romania. I am of Romanian and Lebanese. I was born in 1997 on July 14, so I'm 20 years old. I graduated high school at St. Sava National College, math-informatics  profile in 2016. I am an energetic, lively person who likes to try new things and is always working hard to achive my goals!



First of all I am a student, I studied a year in Bucharest at the UNARTE (University of Arts ) Fashion Design section, but at the moment I decided that I would not continue with the same university for many personal reasons, but I remained a student because I am still enrolled in another university.


(One of the projects I've made at UNARTE)

Maybe you wonder about why I was at UNARTE or why fashion design, the answer is simple: one of my dreams is to be able to make my own clothing collections that will have in influence lolita style and diversity from the Harajuku area (I will develop the subject for each in the following articles), to bring people to see my vision and to introduce something new to the Romanian market under the name of a Romanian personal brand. Even though I will not go to the fashion design university  at UNARTE  for the time being, I have not quit what I have decided to do and I’ll continue.

The passion for fashion design I have had it since I was little and I can say that I managed to start to practice it since I was in high school, and with the support of my family I gradually developed my own store concept, Darks .ro, starting with the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. (Also on the blog you can find in a post how this accomplishment happened)

(some items from darks.ro)

(preview from my firs collection "DarkS by Mary", there's a blog post about it if you want to know more)

Secondly, considering that I was in the Arts, it is obvious that drawing is one of my hobbies, I could say here that I am especially passionate about animation, comics, anime, etc . I get to go to various conventions every year such as Comic-Con, Nijikon, Otaku, Asian Days, Asia Fest, etc. which I will make them known to you as well.


(Otaku 2014)


(Nijikon 2015)



(EECC 2016)


(EECC 2017)

Thirdly, I got the make-up artist license, in other words, I can say I'm a makeup artist with all the papers in order, and besides the day makeup, events, etc., I'm also specialized in professional make-up, the one for fashion shows , television, theater, movies, including the one based on special and prosthetic effects. My passion for make-up comes from the desire to create art, to get something different and special.




(Makeup for the Kimono Parade by the Japanese designer Nobuaki Tomita)

(Movie and theater makeup for the movie "We're down at first")

(Makeup for Catalin Botezatu's Fashion Show)

(Makeup for Eli Laslean's Fashion Show)

(LipArt by me, these are my lips)


(Some special effects and body painting by me)

(Prosthetic makeup by me, the whole concept was my idea)

Let's not forget the culinary art, which in turn is a special field, I like to cook in my spare time, to prepare various sweets and meals. I will also talk  and show you  various places, restaurants, gelateries, sweets places, etc. whose meals or sweets I have personally tried .

In conclusion, my blog will include a series of activities in my life especially related to beauty and fashion, so I want to share with you new discoveries, good times, but probably the least happy stuff as well (not everything is pink after all), and maybe some of my tips might help you, and if you have any questions you can write me and I will answer as quickly as possible. And even if the main topics are the top two, I'll have different lifestyle (food, travel, etc.) posts.

The main reasons why I decided to make this blog were the people close to me who supported me when I proposed the idea and at the same time the quote of Mahatma Gandhi who always inspired me, "Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important to do it "so that everything has a beginning, even if it is small, it matters that I did it. So here I am!